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Comment on health care system debate

Here’s more on the discussion kicked off by the proposal mentioned earler about how to administer payment for health care. United Press International: Commentary: National health debated needed

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Another financial conundrum

Great Haven for Families, but Don’t Bring Children

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Health system payment controversy

In a communication to JAMA a group of physicians,including a couple of former surgeons general, have come out in favor of a single-payer national health insurance system. They cite shortcomings of the current system and say they think an overhaul is needed. Others don’t agree. The AMA has come out against single-payer as have the health plans. They say single-payer ...

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Knocking on those golden Gates

Mega-philanthropist Bill Gates is not just putting a lot of money out for philanhropy ($6.2 billion since ’99), he’s also setting some direction. Half his expenditures(~$3.2 billion) have been to improve health in developing countries. He’s credited with bringing together multiple parties to solve problems, not just pour in money. An admirer says: “Bill Gates is going to be remembered ...

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