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Fourteen Grand Challenges In Global Health–$200 Million Initiative

Fourteen Grand Challenges In Global Health Announced in $200 Million Initiative :: PNNOnline :: Bill and Melinda put out another $200 milllion for 14 grand scientific challenges to health in the developing world. They evidently still have too many communicable and infectious disease problems to worry about cancer.

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Blogging and building community

Wired 11.11: VIEW Here’s a column by Lawrence Lessig about the nuance of the non-control nature of blogging and it’s role, perhaps, in the next election. He says: None of this works unless the blog community is authentic. And that requires that members feel they own their gabbing space. A managed community works about as well as a managed economy. ...

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Scientific Openess

WASHINGTON U.S. biologists, concerned that their research could be misused by terrorists, last week unveiled a series of steps aimed at balancing the prized principle of scientific openness with the need for secrecy about potentially dangerous research. The proposals were announced by a panel of the National Academy of Sciences, the nation’s leading scientific body, which said it hoped the ...

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Doctor redefines visits with phone, e-mail

AMNews: Oct. 20, 2003. Doctor redefines visits with phone, e-mail … American Medical News Maybe this doc and the VA are onto something.

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