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Blogging and building community

Wired 11.11: VIEW Here’s a column by Lawrence Lessig about the nuance of the non-control nature of blogging and it’s role, perhaps, in the next election. He says: None of this works unless the blog community is authentic. And that requires that members feel they own their gabbing space. A managed community works about as well as a managed economy. ...

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Scientific Openess

WASHINGTON U.S. biologists, concerned that their research could be misused by terrorists, last week unveiled a series of steps aimed at balancing the prized principle of scientific openness with the need for secrecy about potentially dangerous research. The proposals were announced by a panel of the National Academy of Sciences, the nation’s leading scientific body, which said it hoped the ...

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Doctor redefines visits with phone, e-mail

AMNews: Oct. 20, 2003. Doctor redefines visits with phone, e-mail … American Medical News Maybe this doc and the VA are onto something.

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A worthy goal

The first official issue of the Public Library of Science Biology is online. This is perhaps what you’d call an “open source” approach to science publishing. Scientists with no less prominence than Harold Varmus have been trying to wrest the control of scientific publication from a small group of publishing companies that charge very high prices (exorbitant or not is ...

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