Why you can’t quit watching all these new streaming services.

It’s not just our current shelter in place world (or Tiger King) driving you to watch more of your favorite, and non-favorite shows. Most people watch based on content, right? Correct. And most people make decisions based on price? Correct. But our Accenture research found a new candidate as people lean into having multiple services (Amazon, Hulu, Disney+, Shudder, Netflix, Peacock, BritBox, etc) and that is the actual experience of the platform. We are seeing a shift from price to experience.

Failure to commit to continuously enhance the user experience across the entire user journey will put companies way behind.

Photo by Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash

In our last two Accenture studies, the price has been a primary influencer on customers’ likeliness to stay with a service. In 2020, although price is still important, experience has become a more significant driver of brand connection and perceived value.

So what’s driving this experience? And what enables this experience to constantly adjust to consumers changing behavior? We firmly believe that it’s building a true culture of experimentation that solves customer problems and solves internal business problems. On that note, I’m proud to launch a case study that I co-authored called:

Rocket Fuel for Winning Experiences in the Streaming Races.

I was also proud to lead the client work from an Accenture perspective. Our client was a major North American video streaming service, launched over 10 years ago, with over 25 million North American subscribers. They anticipated a period of high growth with a rise in subscribers and sought to scale their user experiment volume from 50 to 200+ per year.

Our team won the work and after using our Problem Solution Methodology, we defined clear customer and business problems, this led to us co-developing an overall strategy that defined a roadmap for creating a culture of experimentation, creating the process and governance, helping the client define the data and experimentation tooling approach as well as an implementation roadmap to go do the work. We also helped cut through organizational politics and ended up re-aligning their team with a new executive sponsor and creating an experimentation center of excellence. We worked across people, processes, technology, data, and culture to enable a true team that could scale. So what did we enable with our work?

Interested in working with us to grow experimentation or change your culture? Let’s talk.

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