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For those of you not familiar with this site, I’ve been blogging here since 2003. Did we even call it blogging back then? That’s a question for internet historian and my co-author Randal Moss to answer. No matter what the answer is it’s been my home for a long time. But times change and people move. This will be my ...

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The Stay Put Sabbatical

For those of you not familiar (I was not) a sabbatical can come in many forms. My last job offered a Leave of Absence (LOA) where you could take three months off without pay but they picked up the healthcare bill. In academia, it’s often a period of paid time off to write a book or work on other topics. ...

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Love your organizational problems, not your solutions

As human beings, we are hardwired to act. Harvard professor Daniel Gilbert argues that humans are exquisitely adapted to respond to immediate problems, such as terrorism, but not so good at more probable, but distant dangers, such as global warming. As a leader you are continually faced with immediate problems that seem to demand action. These often take time away ...

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Social Impact through a Direct Public Offering — ROI for Good AND your Bank Account

Two and half years ago, as I was just starting my investing journey by investing in ONLY shampoo and conditioner, I got a fantastic email in my inbox. It was from a nonprofit that I had supported for the last ten or so years and benefited from when I founded a small nonprofit of my own. TechSoup had reached out about a pretty innovative ...

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