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GateHouse Takes Big Step Toward Data-Driven Culture

What do I do on a daily basis at Clearhead? This! (This orignially appeared here) Traditional media companies are struggling to compete in a changing landscape–a landscape that requires both agility and digital product innovation to capture the attention of an increasingly distracted consumer. GateHouse Media publishes more than 600 community papers and manages 555 websites, making it one of the ...

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You can’t buy personalization. I promise.

You can’t buy personalization. Why not? Because it’s not a single technology point solution. Don’t get me wrong: when it comes to technology point solutions you can buy product recommendation tools. You can buy testing tools that allow personalization. You can buy audience segmentation tools. You can even buy a data warehouse. But you can’t buy personalization. So why not? ...

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Digital Transformation is Hurting your Bottom Line

Digital Transformation is all the rage again. How can this be? It even has a “cool” new acronym (DX) in case you don’t want to waste time pronouncing two words. As you may have noticed, digital transformation has been “all the rage” for a decade or so. Perhaps this isn’t necessarily the case, but it occurs to me that this ...

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innovators: charlie cole, chief digital officer of Tumi

(This post first appeared on Cleahead.me) When I wrote my latest book I wanted to create a field guide for product innovation. Something that practical product and innovation champions could use to help tactically create a process to get the best ideas for new products and improved existing products from their staff. As my co-author and I interviewed digital product experts, ...

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