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The Future of Nonprofits : How to Thrive and Innovate in the Digital Age (Wiley)

Quick: When was the last telethon that made you drop everything, pick up the phone, and pledge to your local food bank?

If you’re anything like most of us, the answer is: “I can’t remember?”  That’s because the way we communicate is changing rapidly – and so are the most nimble nonprofit organizations.  Instead of door-to-door solicitations, smart NPO’s are #hashtagging on Twitter.  Rather than telethons, they’re creating iPhone apps.

But successful nonprofits don’t start and end with new technology.  They still run effective awareness campaigns, they still structure smart, they still hire killer talent.  The difference is, they’ve adapted to the Digital Age seamlessly.  So what’s their secret?

In The Future of Nonprofits: Innovate and Thrive in the Digital Age (Wiley) two nonprofit game changers – David J. Neff and Randal C. Moss – provide that playbook.  Moss testified to the U.S. Congress on digital media marketing; Neff was named American Marketing Association’s Nonprofit Social Media Marketer of the Year in 2009.  They know that today’s nonprofit organization will change dramatically in the next five years.

The Future of Nonprofits

Together, Neff and Moss readers:

  • What the future of fundraising will look like: Digital channels, social gaming, and alternative currencies
  • How to engage volunteers through Twitter, Flickr, Geotagging, even Second Life
  • How to create a culture of innovation with deliberate diversity
  • Why your organization has been unable to turn great ideas into exceptional programs (and what you can do to change that)
  • How to retailor your interviews to get the best talent

The book also arms readers with an “Organization Innovation Index Quiz,” to gauge the creative climate of their nonprofit organization.

Neff and Moss, who were part of the people who famously coined the phrase “social media for social good,” have watched nonprofits transform from the ground up. They are intimately familiar with the layers of oversight and bureaucracy that characterize most.  So they sought the top nonprofit talent in the country, and figured out what they were doing right: The case studies provided in this book lay out their rule-breaking success stories.

The Future of Nonprofits: Innovate and Thrive in the Digital Age is a toolkit for the next generation of nonprofit organizations.

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