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As a author, speaker, digital strategy and nonprofit expert I have the opportunity to talk, and write, a lot. You will find some of my latest publications below.

Bitcoin : A Fundraising Digital Disruptor
Published by NTEN: Journal of Change
June 2014
Authors: David J. Neff, Jason Shim
Bitcoin is a digital peer-to-peer currency that has been gaining momentum globally. In 2013, Bitcoin had 3.4 million online mentions and many companies, as well as nonprofits, have begun experimenting with emerging digital currencies. In this academic article nonprofit Bitcoin experts, David J. Neff and Jason Shim, will help you understand how the digital currency can benefit your nonprofit.

Crowdfunding : Tomorrow’s Fundraising Models Today
Published by NTEN : Journal of Change
June 25, 2014
Authors: David J. Neff, Miriam Kagan
In today’s rapidly evolving fundraising landscape more and more funders and fundraisers are exploring what it means to crowdsource funds for projects. This academic article takes a look at the history of this fundraising strategy, it’s tactical implications on organizations, as well as the risks and benefits involved for nonprofits. It also contains a groundbreaking crowdsourced Bill of Rights…

Consumer Intelligence : Bitcoin is a Digital Disruptor
Published by PwC
January 31, 2014
Authors: David J. Neff
Bitcoin is a digital peer-to-peer currency which has been gaining momentum globally. In 2013, Bitcoin had 3.4 million online mentions and in the US, many small and large entertainment, media and communications companies have begun experimenting with it. PwC commissioned an online consumer survey to gather awareness, attitudes and behaviors about Bitcoin.What should executives know about Bitcoin and its potential impact? What are the risks and benefits? PwC’s point of view is that Bitcoin can be part of an innovative strategy for products, services and payment systems. Read PwC’s report to learn about the evolution and impact of Bitcoin, and its adoption in sectors such as entertainment, media video games, casino gaming, travel & tourism, telecom and internet.

Book: The Future of Nonprofits : How to Thrive and Innovate in the Digital Age
Published by Wiley
January 5, 2011
Authors: David J. Neff, Randal Moss

“The creaky wheels of the nonprofit industry are about to get the grease they need! The Future of Nonprofits combines twenty-first century innovations (social media, alternative currencies, digital channels) with enduring success strategies of the best nonprofits (hiring killer talent, structuring smart). Moreover, David and Randal lay out a formula for organizational innovation–the Holy Grail of the nonprofit world. This is the playbook every nonprofit soldier needs to make it in the Digital Age.”
–Beth Kanter, coauthor of The Networked Nonprofit

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