Develop a Culture of Experimentation

Change is hard. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. People love innovation (every idea is great) OVER experimentation (let’s actually test those ideas). We’ve heard all of these thing before and believe in them. The real question is how do you change that thinking? How can you improve your innovation by developing a culture of experimentation?

I was honored to host this on-demand webinar with one of my favorite clients, Jill Brown Thomas, Head of the Optimization program at Wolverine Worldwide. In this webinar I interview her about the work we did together changing culture and building a testing program across 12 very different brands. From alignment on people, to building process, to buying technology, to changing and establishing new culture, Jill discusses what works and what doesn’t, and what the future holds for Wolverine’s Experience Optimization Journey.

You can grab the slides or watch the on-demand webinar.

  • How to unify best practices across a portfolio of brands.
  • A new model for uncovering what’s important to test called Problem Solution Mapping.
  • The importance of changing culture through education and certification work.
  • How every team (from marketing to eCommerce to product) should have two roadmaps. One powered by validated and prioritized customer problems, and one powered by validated and prioritized internal problems (people, process, tech, data, strategy and culture).
  • New use cases for running experiments that move the needle.
  • How by solving customer and business problems, they unlocked a true experimentation team that worked better with internal and outside partners.