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Visitors from all over

Here in the CA Division Office we’ve just hosted lunch for about 20 “scholars” from the Asian ACSU. They came from Taiwan, mainland China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and the Philippines. They’ve been here this past week learning how to develop in their homelands the kind of volunteer organizations that the Society represents. Futuring and Innovation Center member and FI ...

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Bringing Computers Together

The internet is about to unleash the full potential of the world’s computers. Gridding computers together over the internet allows idle computers to compute problems originating from other machines. Seti@home allows your computer to decode extra terrestrial radio signals captured by space telescopes and radio scopes, while it is in screen saver mode. This technology could soon be focused on ...

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We've got work to do

A study just released by UCLA Public Health reports that Asian and Latino immigrants in California are not getting cancer screening tests at the same rate as whites and African Americans. The differences — attributed to cultural, education, language and other barriers — occur even when comparing people with similar income levels or health insurance status across racial and ethnic ...

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Meet The Neighbors

In trial since early November, the service allows users to create a profile mapped to their postcode, and enter into discussions with people close to their location. It’s this element of location, which has lifted UpMyStreet Conversations out of the old bulletin-board arena into the trendy new area of social software. [Guardian, 9 Jan. 2003] This web site sounds a ...

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