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Korea's part of the pie

Well, Korea isn’t going to let grass grow under it’s feet. They plan to hold 10% of the world biotech market by 2012. The (Korean) government has finalized its plan to build the country into the world’s seventh largest biotechnology player by 2012. Under the plan, Korean companies seek to capture 10 percent of the global market in the next ...

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Biotech's future

Well, some people are bullish about biotech’s future. The US Department of Commerce projects that the biotech sector is set to grow. They surveyed industry execs and found optimism. They also found most biotech is small business (

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Getting the ideas across

The most central role in helping ideas take root, however, is that of the idea practitioner—someone who has developed a “practice” of idea implementation, a task that’s much harder than idea generation. Idea practitioners determine what makes sense for their companies, modify the ideas to suit their needs, and mobilize their organizations to make those real. In many cases, they’re ...

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Global demographics through 2050

An article to appear in Science projects global population through 2050. On aging: The 20th century will probably be the last when younger people outnumbered older ones. By 2050, there will be 2.5 people aged 60 years or older for every child 4 years old or younger, a shift that has serious implications for health care spending for the young ...

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