Biotech's future

Well, some people are bullish about biotech’s future. The US Department of Commerce projects that the biotech sector is set to grow. They surveyed industry execs and found optimism. They also found most biotech is small business (<500 employees), 72% of work is for human health products, there are companies in 46 states but 70% are in 10 states, workforce growth 2000-02 was 12% while overall US workforce was flat. And the US Department of Labor is encouraging community colleges to add biotech courses to turn out people for the industry.

The (Bush) administration has identified biotechnology as a key emerging industry, promising to provide valuable technology and create thousands of high-paying jobs in the coming years, (Secretary) DeRocco said.

Jobs around the US range from $31,000 to $85,000 in the industry depending on a lot of things.

So, I wonder how that’s going to play out in the global marketplace? Will the salaries stand up or have the problems IT jobs have these days? Wait and see, I guess.