What’s the State of the Union in Austin Nonprofits?

Now this is something I love. This “state of the sector” report from our friends at Greenlights shows the numbers behind our social sector and has implications for not only nonprofits, but also philanthropists, high-dollar donors, social businesses, board members and more.

From national and local data, the report details employment data, sector growth, financial health, and wages in comparison to local government and private sector, and other major metros in Texas.

Why is a thriving city like Austin, with social issues continually on the rise, lagging behind in many respects?

Here are some thought-provoking findings:
Total Austin nonprofit sector: $5.6B in revenue and $9.5B in assets
Austin area is home to nearly 6,000 nonprofits, however 72% have less than $100K in income and less than 15% have any paid staff
Despite the high cost of living, wages for Austin area workers are 14% below nonprofit wages in the state
Even with more nonprofits, 81% of nonprofits report that demand for services has increased over the past year

The State of the Union in Austin Nonprofits