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IBM sensing the future

I.B.M. Looks to Genetics to Map a New Business IBM now has 150 PhDs on their life sciences division staff, and they’re not computer jocks. Big Blue jumped into life science about 5 or 6 years ago. They know that life science–from research to medicine to perhaps personal health care–will be one of biggest phenomena and most lucrative markets of ...

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Focusing the Innovation Process

“Leading-edge innovators have learned that, rather than generating lots of ideas, they can derive more benefit from a targeted event driven process that will enable them to capture the best ideas related to an specific issue” “Targeted and bounded programs produce better results than open-ended idea collection systems” “A seeming paradox of innovation is that most useful ideas originate from ...

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The fast weblog

Fast Company Now You management mavens may want to check-out Fast Company’s weblog. It’s a pretty good example of blogging for exchange of information (although FC has been called “pornography for middle-managers”: tantalizing fantasies of non-hierarchical management, entrepreneurial employees, and lightning-fast innovation–things that never seem to come true in real organizational life).

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Bureaucratic waste and health care

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine prepared by a Harvard researchers and the Canadian Inst. for Health Info. says that $.31 of every $1 for health care in the US goes for administrative costs, nearly twice that of Canada. Some $.17 goes for insurance company underwriting and advertising. The punch line seems to be: Researchers who ...

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