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'Texting' is as good as calling for Filipinos

On the last FIC call, I recounted how my wife and I landed in Manila in January 2001, one day after the ouster of President Estrada – he was ousted by text messaging!! Text messaging is known as ‘texting’ or SMS (short message service). Texts are short messages sent by computer or cell phone to another cell phone. Philippines is ...

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Worm research sheds light on aging process

No, not the electronic worms we have been staving off lately… The article linked here reports on research that focuses on worms because they, like humans and all other creatures, share the identical class of molecules — called “small heat shock proteins’.’ The newly discovered class of molecules plays a crucial caretaking role in cells: maintaining the shape of cellular ...

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How cell phones are changing our social habits

Here is yet another article on how cell phones are changing our social habits – some workplace effects are noted as well (two of them I have observed). The full article will be available on the Web for a limited time: Mercury News

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A couple of items from the moblogging phenom

Wired News: Phoning in Photos for Posterity New Yorkers used phone cameras to record the, uh, historic power outage and posted images of the “event” to photo blogs as it happened. And, get this, movie studios are blaming quick fall-off of ticket sales of summer movies on texting by young audience members who are sending bum reviews to friends, sometimes ...

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