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Keeping an eye on the competition

Daily Yomiuri On-Line A Japanese ministry is now charged with gathering data about science going on in other countries. In this world–and I mean that literally–of intense competition in science and for the fruits of technology, formation of strategy based on intelligence about what others are up to makes a lot of sense. Nobody in either already industrialized countries or ...

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Four Significant Issues in Cancer

1. There is a significant rise in, advertised profit making, genetic and device based medical screening (e.g. BRAC1, whole body CAT scans, etc). What effects will this evolving industry have on healthcare? How do organizations like the Amerian Cancer Society plan for the growth of this trend? The early market for innovative fee for service diagnostic testing will largely be ...

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Have a very nice day

A recent study suggests that friendly workers are more productive workers as well. It seems friendly workers tend to tune-in to nonverbal cues from people they work with and gather more information about the context of interactions. Consequently they tend to be more productive in accomplishing tasks. The study’s author says, in contrast to other cultures, the US tends to ...

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Comment on health care system debate

Here’s more on the discussion kicked off by the proposal mentioned earler about how to administer payment for health care. United Press International: Commentary: National health debated needed

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