Support one of my favorite Austin Non Profits- Austin Film Society

So as you may of heard the Austin Film Society has a new tenant in the studios they run.  And people are not happy. Why? Because people like to cause trouble. Becuase people who don’t do things like to sit around and complain about those who make things happen. The truth behind all the lies is that the Austin Film Society is growing and bringing new business to Austin is an important part of that.

Here is what they have agreed to. “AFS and Soundcheck will remodel Stage 4 into seven rehearsal studios (ranging from 800 to 2,400 square feet), vendor showrooms, offices and lockers for equipment and set storage. Upgrades to the metal building will include insulation, HVAC, electrical service, and soundproofing–all designed to meet a minimum 2-star rating with the Austin Energy Green Building Program. Soundcheck will invest $500,000 up front and AFS will invest up to $475,000, which we have borrowed from a charitable foundation that believes in our mission. Long term, this makes Stage 4 a more viable and valuable asset to Austin Studios, regardless of how long Soundcheck remains a subtenant.”

“We see benefits for filmmakers and synergies with musicians. The facility will be used for shooting music performances, behind-the-scenes television shows and inserts. Voiceover and ADR recording and live scoring will be supported. Multimedia uses will include the creation of music videos, webcasts, soundtracks, stills and video components of live performance rehearsal.”

So how can you help Austin’s future?

You can contact City Council members through a phone call, email or letter. If  you’d like to email council members directly rather than use the web form, the email format is consistent:,,,,,, and

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  1. Heck of a job there, it abstoluley helps me out.

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