CivicX seeking new startups. Is it you?

For the past three to four years I’ve been an active mentor in the CivicX startup accelerator. I’ve been excited to mentor startups like EveryoneOn, WeThrive and others through this program.

I’m excited to announce that starting in October, the Points of Light Civic Accelerator will launch a cohort focused on financial inclusion and economic mobility. CivicX is a 10-week startup boot camp and impact investment fund that will accelerate 10–15 innovative, scalable ventures with solutions to the following challenge:

How might we accelerate financial resilience and economic mobility for all to succeed in the innovation economy?

They are now accepting applications from early-stage for-profit and nonprofit ventures that improve financial outcomes, spur economic mobility and prepare families for success in the 21st-century economy.

The application is open until Aug. 24! To apply and/or to find more information about our unique peer-evaluated program, visit the CivicX website.

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