Confidence Through Clarity: Charting your path to a better Customer Experience

For all of us there are the small work problems. “Why does no one put paper in the printer?” “How many updates does this laptop need?” “Why can’t I hear this person on my Skype call?” Then there’s the big problems. “How hard is my team thinking about what our customers really want?” “How do I know my team has the skills and knowledge to pivot like we need to?” “My customers are difficult to pin down, how do I know I’m targeting the right group?” Then there’s the REALLY big problems. “What should my team look like?” “Is my team even set up to tackle real problems that our customers have?” “If I make a change to be more test and learn focused can my culture actually change to let that happen?” “How am I changing the customer experience in a meaningful way?”

These are the problems that keep our customers up every night here at Clearhead (now part of Accenture Interactive). We serve leading edge SVPs, VPs and Directors just like you, across every type of business you might imagine. Over the last five years of talking to 100 plus digital and retail folks, and partnering with them, we’ve come to realize that our Problem Solution Mapping (PSM) methodology is a valuable tool, but sometimes clients crave a deeper analysis of their current state.

With that in mind, we’re proud to launch our Experience Optimization Journey. This offering, an iteration on our past product work with PSM and customer experience optimization, is designed to assess where your organization is on its experience optimization journey, and make recommendations on how to reach the next level.

Our Customer Experience Optimization Journey offering will enable you to not only understand all those problems keeping you up at night (well maybe not the first set!), but will also help you truly evaluate your organization’s current path to solve them, and hypothesize on how to test solutions to those big problems. We’ll show you where your team is on their own digital experience optimization journey, and we’ll help get you to the next level.

So how do we do all that?

When we evaluate our clients on their Experience Optimization Journey we look at the following inside and outside of your business:

  • Culture
  • Strategy
  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Content
  • Data

We take each of these attributes and break them up into quantitative and qualitative information by collecting over 200 points of data through workshops, interviews with your team and those they work with, plus surveys. We also analyze your technology and data models and sets.

When we look at the sum of all those attributes we start to get a real picture of your business and the problems holding it back. We then divide our recommendations into two sections:

Organizational attributes measure how effective the internal support structures are to enabling operational success. These measurements look at the people, processes, and culture in place within an organization that impact the day to day operations.

Operational attributes measure how well Experience Optimization is done in practice. These measurements look at the specific experience strategy and content are put into place, and the technology used to implement and track the results of the experience.

Once we have all these qualitative and quantitative data points from both the operational and organizational sides, we are able to generate a score for each attribute.

Unlike other consulting firms we don’t just give you a score; rather, we dive with you deep into the data. Explaining why you got each score, what you can do to perform at the next level and what you need to do to avoid stalling or–even worse–regressing.

Interested in working with us to determine your score? Let’s talk. Not ready for that step? No problem. Take a look at our experience optimization model and let us know in the comments where you think you score.

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