New Name and a New Blog – Your Help is needed!

Hey faithful readers of this Blog!
The time is come that I need your help. You helped make this blog great and now is your chance to help even more! I have decided to stop blogging here and create a new blog where I can be a bit more free about my opinions on social media, tech, the future of non profits and fundraising. I still work at the American Cancer Society and Lights. Camera. Help. but I want something that fits me a little better as far as my Blog.

That’s where you can help. Can you help me think of a new name for my blog and new URL? Just leave your suggestion in the comments below. Every person who does will win a prize. The contest starts now and runs till next Monday.

So let me know your thoughts!


  1. Never eNeff

    Contest is OVER

  2. Here are the two that I can think of so far. and I like Next Non-profit better. Right now they are both available.

  3. Looking forward to reading the new site. As for names…Nonprofit Tips & Quips has a nice ring; url could be Good luck!

  4. Neutral Tech Hotel

    Add a .com or .org to it and you’re golden.

  5. Might be a lame idea, but what about NonprofitVanguard[ist].com? Vanguard is fun to say.

  6. Also, about about and

    Then again, I like or too. Is combining words too 2002?

  7. (lotsa logo possibilities here) (threw your ego a bone. LOL. Jesus laments.)

  8. Last one for today. I promise.

  9. No Money, Mo’ Bloggin’


  10. check your
    Foundation without the Fluff
    .com hints at a for profit

  11. How ’bout “Lights! Camera! Context!”? 🙂

  12. NeffSaid

    ‘Nuff said, am I right?

  13. Probably Not so Creative suggestion:

    Blogname: Dave I Am


  14. (incorporated the whole love of Halloween/Social Media stuff)

  15. These 3 are the best ones yet:

    I’m all tapped out on ideas =)

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