Non-Profit Innovations : How to Televise the Revolution

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  1. Thank you both very much for this. Good stuff. It brings to mind another thought.

    Our clients and partners are in Kenya. We are in Denver. At The 1010 Project, we’re really big on telling stories – video is an important way to do this. If we’re not in-country, even the most practical suggestions are meaningless.

    However, the relative ease-of-use of video technology is making video work a lot easier. Although we haven’t done it yet, we could ship over a carton of FlipCams and let our friends go to town! I’ve seen other nonprofits/art projects that hand out cameras to their clients and then sit back and watch. Amateur video can be really, really engaging, and I think that Stormwood is giving us all a very balanced and useful way of looking at breaking into moving pictures. Thanks!

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