Non-Profit Film Festival?

One of my friends and co-workers Tom Stagg had this great idea so I wanted to pass it by the readers of this Blog. If we found sponsors and a space to host a non-profit Film Festival here in Austin would you attend? Would you enter films?

Here are the details so far:

1) All Films would have to be entered by non-profit orgs or be films ABOUT non-profits and the work they do

2) You could enter PSAs, Comedy, Narratives or documentaries.
3) There would be no entry fee or a very very cheap fee to help us pay our host

We would not be doing this as the American Cancer Society but as people who love the non-profit community. What do you think? Leave us some comments.


  1. love it, love it, love it!
    i’d be stoked to see this happen, and would help however i can, get the word out about this project to the community at netsquared.
    holler, if you wanna chat about it billybicket AT


  2. This would be great! There are so many good documentaries on non-profits here in Orlando alone. It’s a shame they aren’t seen in more places! I’d be stoked to do what I can to help with this!

  3. At a glance, this sounds like a great idea. I would need to know more about time/planning/financial commitments to see how we might participate, but at the least, we would likely submit our agency video, which just received a Telly Award. Watch it at

  4. Love the idea. As an advocate with a variety of non-profits (paid and volunteer positions), it is very appealing on the upfront. Keep me posted on the developments. Love to see where it would go from here.

  5. Looks like there’s a lot of support behind this. In an ideal world (the future perhaps) I can see this as a part of SXSW Film, or even help add a new wing to the conference and festival. How about SXSW Non-profit? Hmmm…perhaps I’ve said too much…

  6. Community Media Festival collaborate with Non-proift Film Fest?

    From: “Sue Cole”

    I love the idea. Would it include video movies? Maybe connect with the nonprofits organizing parade presentations for First Night on Dec. 31, 2008 (meeting at Caritas 8am this Thursday).

    I would love to collaborate. We are organizing a Community Media Awards Contest for all mediums (video, TV, radio, print, online, etc.) to recognize producers that bring more views and voices to the electronic and other media. No or low entry fee, great community-focused judges, awesome recognition elements.

    Our time range: Dec. ’08 through March ’09.

    Sue Sende Cole
    Chair, Producers Council

  7. I would really love this idea and would love to help If you could work with a hosting site like Vimeo, we could really reach a cool market full of creative and innovative thinkers.

  8. Great idea David!

    I’d love to see two sides of it, the festival to recognize some of the most excellent work and then presentations or workshops to teach other nonprofits how to produce their own compelling content.

    Look forward to hearing about how I can help.

  9. Love this idea. Sign us up, love to be involved however this pans out. Will help empower, enlighten and help convene the nonprofit world through visual storytelling.

  10. This is a great way to bring the nonprofit community together and bond the sector. NPO workers are a tireless group and this would be a good way to share their work and most importantly, celebrate it.

  11. I wish I was in Austin for this – it sounds wonderful! I may just suggest it in our own community. Thanks for sharing it – and thanks to Beth Kanter at for her tweet re: this post!

    Hildy Gottlieb
    Author: The Pollyanna Principles: Reinventing “Nonprofit Organizations” to Create the Future of Our World (Release date January 09)

  12. Hi,
    Deep Dish Tv is trying to contact Sue Sende Cole. Does anyone have current contact information.
    Brian Drolet
    Deep Dish TV

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