It's time for us to move on…Part VI

Okay we are getting to the light at the end of the tunnel I swear! So yesterday you checked out our post about Opera and thought sounds cool but what else? I want something totally free with no ads. Well then you have come to right place. Check out the Mozilla Organization. This is a 501c3 organization that was spun off of Netscape. Both of their browsers are feature packed and totally free. You can check out FireFox here. With it’s tabbed browsing and pop-up killer it’s my favorite. But make sure you check out it’s big brother here. It’s Web-browser built for 2004, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing made simple.

Enjoy and let me know which of these three you use the most. Opera, FireFox or Mozilla?

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  1. Firefox most definitely. That is, until Mozilla changes the name again – upon which time I’ll snatch up the new version. Should the improvements in the next version be as substantial as the improvements over Firebird (the first incarnation of Firefox), IE won’t stand a chance. I admit, at one time I was having to use IE for certain sites, but with the latest release of Firefox, 99.99% of the web displays correctly – and blazingly fast.

    I have used Opera, but I too grew weary of the ads, and the constant nagging of “you’re using a product that’s not entirely free.” Not to mention as the product progressed, it became more bulky than ever.

    Microsoft seems to be moving away from IE development, as few “user-significant” changes have been made in the past year or so. Canning IE is an excellent way to begin fixing the problem of the insecure web, but appears to be merely the tip of the iceberg. Popups and ActiveX installers will become a minor problem, so malicious users turn to other things. Script kiddies already know how to attack computers without using the local web browser. Welcome to the next big challenge! Port security. MS: to “be” it, or not to “be.” Linux may be a solution.

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