Life 2.0

Know where the Corporations will be with their happy and healthy worker-volunteers, and most of all, know that the money will be there too. That is the basis of a new book titled, “Life 2.0; How People Across America Are Transforming Their Lives by Finding the Where of Their Happiness”, Crown Business, by Rich Karlgaard.

Americans have always had an itch to move to greener pastures, searching for better opportunities and breaking away from the bounds and frustrations of the places where the came from. But there now seems to be a new migration afoot. More and more people are deciding the don’t have to reside in high-pressured, highly expensive areas such as New York or San Francisco in order to achieve personal and professional happiness. It was once thought that living in rural or nonurban areas meant being cut off from up-to-the -minute cultural, political and professional trends. Karklgaard points out that, thanks to high technology, the so called sophistication gap between various parts of this land is rapidly disapperring.,,Culture has spred out; high-tech companies have been opening in areas such as Austin, Texas and Boise, Idaho.

Moving to once seemingly unfashionable areas doesn’t mean a major diminution in income or career opportunity. You can have it all-stimulating career, culture, great quality of life for your family, affluence. The tradeoffs often seem nonresistant University towns are especially promising areas since they are centers of intellectual stimulation and practically, magnets for growing companies and industries that rely on high-powered brains.

Davis. California, just 13 miles south of downtown Sacramento is typical. There is the new Mondavi cultural center and David Collin’s biotech companies abound.
The bottom line is that America offers by far the richest selection of places to think, work, volunteer, invest and live to pursue dreams.

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  1. Seems like rural folk are moving to urban areas to make a living and the urban fold–who’ve already made a living–are moving to rural areas to relax. Round and round it goes.

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