It's time for us to move on….Part V

As we move into my final 3 posts about Organizational Change I think people might be saying “Okay I am ready to switch but what to? ” .Well this is just the top of the iceberg but there are two really great solutions to the problem of IE. One is called Opera and the other is the Mozilla Family. Today we will cover Opera. First of all you can download Opera here. But before you do that why not check out what features make it better than IE. Or maybe just check out it’s clean and refreshing interface. Still not convinced this is the best free browser on the market? Well then read what Opera is all about or take the Interactive Product Tour. So what are you waiting for?

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  1. I’ve been using Opera for several years now and, with the exception of a few pages written only to work with IE, use nothing else.

    Being a heavy web user I find operas large range of features and customizations essential. Opera has had popup blocking and tabbed browsing for years, 2 features which I can not work without. Also the mouse gestures are very convient and the automatic saving of sessions has come in handy many times when the computer crashed or someone accidently closed my browser. I could go on and on but a few other features I use frequently are the page zoom (+ and – makes page bigger or smaller, useful for fitting large images in visable area or expanding small text) and the many keyboard shortcuts such as turning off the loading of images by pressing ‘g’.

    Spend some time with it, it takes a while to make full use of all its powerful features.

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