Twitter Blood Drive : Social Media for Social Good

So people often ask how to use Twitter for their brand, company or service. Here is a perfect example (hey Tyson Foods are you reading today? 😉 ) we are organizing a Twitter Tweetup.

What that means is we have a bunch of the Austin Twitter people send a note out that we are all going to meet a certain location (like a meet-up). Usually this involves a speaker or adult beverages, but this time MIchelle Greer (@michellegreer) had the bright idea to do a Tweetup around a Blood Drive with @connicereece and I helping to organize. What a cool way to use Twitter to get something done! So if you are around Central Texas this week follow these instructions:

The Twitter Blood Drive is being sponsored by
The 501 Tech Club of Austin
The Austin Social Media Club

1.) register or log into the Blood Center of Central Texas’s website.
2.) Choose the location at 4300 North Lamar.
3.) Be sure to pick a time slot from 10 am-4 pm on Thursday, July 3rd.
4.) Show up at the appropriate time. 
5.) Give blood. Eat a piece of the sammichometer. Give thanks that you
are healthy and can offer health to someone else who needs it.


  1. Love this concept. Very cool idea. My life was saved by a blood donor in 2002. Thanks for what you’re doing!

  2. oops! I meant to say that with current bans on certain groups donating blood we have to find another way to help! But never let that stop those able from donating blood — it’s very much needed and indeed saves lives.

  3. As a two time cancer survivor, I think what you are doing is great as blood transfusions benefit cancer patients everyday.

  4. I can’t believe I’m not there with y’all today (out of town guests came in unexpectedly). But thanks for all your work getting the word out about the blood drive. I saw it mentioned on the Statesman blog! And Chris Brogan was retweeting it. Great work!

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