Cease and Desist!

This third post in the FISpace Video Reports series is about the confrontation that has recently developed between companies providing personal genomics services and state medical testing authorities. Genetic information services with direct-to-consumer sales of various forms of genetic testing have been sent cease-and-desist demands by authorities in California and New York. So far the main gene services companies are still doing business as usual contending that they are not violating the law. Next stop, the courthouse?


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  1. Very nice videocast, I look forward to more installments.

    One thing you might consider is publishing your script as text, so viewers can easily scan and quote (and search engines can index).


  2. Thanks for the idea, Jason. I am setting up a separate site where the series can be seen in sequence and links to source documents and more information can be posted. I do work from a script so it wouldn’t be that much more work.