Can Social Media Sell my House? – Part Four

::Editor’s Note: This is part of my ongoing series of posts as I try and sell my house "The Social Media Way"::

So the amount of information that LinkedIN has poured into my inbox is amazing. I am still getting answer to my question from a week ago. Here are the latest suggestion on how I should use Social Media to sell my house:

1) List your open houses on Zvents Media Network Not that
   the house is for sale, just the open house dates. Folks
   looking for something to do tour open houses which are   
   no more than events at a house. Links:               

2) You should list your home on under the
   section for your state, city and selling costs, and
   then promote that URL using, and
   and other social network that helps expose your site.      

3) set up an easy website (can be done for free through MS Office         
   Live and quite easily with their What You See is What   
   You Get – WYSIWYG editor) and use your address as the      
   web address. For example, a property I am currently      
   marketing sits at which corresponds
   to its 4714 Forestdale Road address.

4) Post an ad on Facebook by setting a limit that you want to spend each day.

5) List on Trulia.

6) And one of my favorites from one of my sarcastic friends "I stuck a sign in my yard, and sold my house that day."

What do you think? Any golden nuggets in here?


  1. Tried

    Claim your house, then add all the details for it and list it as for sale.

    I posted a “Make Me Move” price for our house and got a few inquiries.

  2. I just sold my Austin,TX house(in five days). Try HGTV’s Rate My Space. Post lots pictures and note that your “crib” is also for sale. You will find the user comments interesting, letting you know just what potential buyers see in your property (and allowing you to make some easy changes, if needed.) It may also drive a potential buyer to contact you for a showing.