Social Networking Site Fires Employee for Social Networking

That was a fun title to write out for some reason. Anyway check out the latest hub-bub about Friendster. Looks like they fired one of their employees for writing about company business on their personal Blog.

Now mostly my feelings are divided on this. Isn’t her having a Blog part of the whole "look-at-us-we-are-a cool-young-company" thing that Friendster thrives on? However if she was posting confidential info then she probably deserved it. However shouldn’t of she been warned, or at least asked to take down the post first? Read the article and let me know your thoughts…..

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  1. This happened a year ago, didn’t it? Or is this a new instance of an employee being dooced?

  2. Yeah. Seems like some supposedly cutting-edge, cool companies like Friendster and Google are just as authoritarian and paranoid as the old skool companies.