Little Big Givers

The Futurist reports a relatively new form of philanthropic organization,
the giving circle, has raised over $44 million since 2000. These community
based groups raise funds for various causes, usually local and very focused. The
majority of giving circles is all female or led by women. A quick Google shows
both in person and virtual giving circles are recent developments and are capturing
a goodly amount of attention. The groups chose their project or cause and then
work to raise money using a variety of methods to fund the solution. The groups
are proving that small is not a hindrance to effectiveness and a few people can
make a difference, especially in their immediate social surroundings. Nothing
like success to breed more success. See The Giving Forum for more information.   Virtual giving circles also exist,
including the click and give structure for international causes and local
circles. The Second Relay for Life maybe combines the best of both worlds. It
will be exciting to learn the results of ACS’s own giving circle, both
participation and the dollar contributions it brings.

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  1. Huge trend as e communities form around causes local will become national and then international.