Podcasting promises

Reuters news covered the new IBM plan to use podcasting to introduce a series on its investor relations site as part of a broader effort to communicate directly to its investors and the wider public about hot topics. Find the whole story at Yahoo.

The IBM spokesman says that the podcasts will be used to share conversations with customers on emerging issues, but that they are not commericials. IBM says it will be better than sending out a bunch of white papers on various topics.

Other companies mentioned using podcasts are General Motors Corp. and PepsiCo Inc. On a GM-sponsored site, listeners can hear Bob Lutz, its chief car designer, discuss new auto designs (he blogs, too). PepsiCo uses podcasting in a marketing campaign.

And, the news story says that Yahoo Inc. just introduced a site that helps listeners locate and download podcast material.

Podcasts for sharing an organization’s message will soon be commonplace, so the Society should also find a place for this technology.

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  1. Yeah. Something to think about. My take is that the Web is switching over to audio and video very fast.