Reason #4002 to Jump On the Blog Bandwagon!

Reason #4002 can be found in a article — "Blogging clicks with colleges: Interactive Web pages changing class participation"  (however, it’s not only changing class participation). (Read Article Here).  Check out reason #4001 on my new personal blog, The Rhetoric of Me.  It still needs a lot of work and I have a lot to learn, but at least I’ve joined the masses 🙂

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  1. Yesterday I was asked by someone who’s totally baffled by the blogging phenom what good blogging would do me or us–the ACS. I replied that it depends who you want to communicate with. I think this article reinforces my point. If you want to connect with the young and the “wired” who may or may not be “young” then Internet-based tools are the way. The NVHA conference also pointed out that you can’t build the newtowork of communications in blogs and other tools over night. Like other community things, it takes time. It took the ACS decades to build its community base, and now we have a similar challenge. I think the blog/wiki thing would be perfect for our communications and activities with the college set.

    And, hey Lisa, you’re in the blog roll.

  2. It’s important to also note that there is already a community developing without us thanks to this medium. I did a search on Technorati for American Cancer Society and found several RFL teams using their blog to communicate with their team and ultimately link to their RFL online team page. Similarly, when searching for cancer survivors, volunteers…I found people sharing their experiences and using the tool to rally their network of friends for the cause. Good stuff!