The 60 most-generous donors gave $10-billion in 2004.  America’s 60 largest donors contributed a total of more than $10-billion to charity last year, a big increase from 2003; so says The Chronicle of Philanthropy.  The recovery of the U.S. economy is one reason that charities are finding it easier to win mulitmillion-dollar gifts from wealthy Americans.  Even if you are a very wealthy person a turbulent economy would still make you anxious.

The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer center received a $25-million gift from the estate of oil heiress Caroline Wiess Law. But no industry produced as many donors as the tech field with donors still in the early stages of their careers. In addition to Bill Gates there was Pierre Omidyar, co-founder of eBay, 37; David Filo, 38, co-founder of Yahoo; and Curtis Priem, 45, co-founder of the Nvidia Corp., a computer-graphics company.

Popular causes such as colleges and universities followed by hospitals and med. centers received the largest number of gifts.  The ACS Foundation and/or restricted gifts shouold be part of this bonaza.   

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