Listen to our own Lisa "M" Brown on IT Conversations

Here’s a link to a podcast on IT Conversations from BlogHer 2005 of a panel on blogging in business with Lisa Meyers Brown of Eastern Division. Lisa contributes to FISpace and is a member of the Futuring and Innovation Center team. Her own blog, The Rhetoric of Me, is blogrolled on the right.  The announcement says:

At the 2005 BlogHer conference, Lisa Meyers Brown of the American Cancer Society, Susan Getgood of Getgood Strategic Marketing, Mary Smaragdis of Sun Microsystems, and Christine Halvorson of Stonyfield Farms discuss the value of blogging to companies of all types and their experience with blogging at these widely diverse companies.

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  1. Oops! Lisa wasn’t actually on the panel at Blogher. She wasn’t able to make it. But her picture is actually in the IT Conversation’s notification. Worth taking a look anyway.

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