Free Candy for You and Yours

Daily Candy, a daily email service of nifty new products and
services, mainly entrepreneurial in nature, offers this gem. Good Search, a new
search engine partnered with Yahoo, allows searchers to donate to the cause of their choice every time
they go hunting for information. Per the bio, Good Search is founded by a
brother and sister team who lost their mother to cancer. The American Cancer
is already listed as a recipient choice, both National and local
offices. With the recent Pew report that Americans now are searching via engines more
than any other activity, Good Search capitalizes on a new revenue stream.

Ongoing political discussion exists on the growth of major
corporations in


and the support of that process by the government. Even in this big business friendly environment, new ideas continue to come to life.  Daily Candy, because of its
focus on fashion and events, can be taken as empty fluff. Digging a little deeper,
support of small business can be presented as fluffy for its intended market, but is is not empty. I am going to give Good Search a try and follow up on the benefits received.

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