Die Internet Explorer Die!

Whoops. Did I just say that out loud? Well I do mean it. If you haven’t noticed the world’s best browser FireFox 3 was release this week and broke a Guinness Book of World Records record by having over 8 MILLION people download it in 24 hours! Amazing!

I am a huge fan of the way Mozilla handles everything from upgrades to it’s community and it’s a shining example of the way companies should operate in today’s online environment.

Don’t tell corporate IT but ever PC I get ahold of (from my teams to our interns to my boss)) gets Firefox installed. (Along with Opera).Unfortunately we still rely on the blue beast to run some of our legacy applications. (EPRF and Siebel I’m looking at you). However our Intranet and most other applications can run on FireFox. Anyone tried them with FF3 yet?  Do you know of a better browser out there?


  1. As a lot of people know there are a variety of different browsers, but many are essentially “clones of” firefox (IE use the same code base). They include flock and seamonkey both of which I’ve used and like.

    To be honest I don’t use IE at all, except to test web development things, other than that I’m all firefox

  2. I’m with you on the Firefox. The other browsers simply linger on my system for web dev testing, and the internal apps. If the intranet could load content in FF3, I would be *so* happy!