I'm not a FSBO, are you?

So I have gotten a tremendous response about my last post on "Selling My House the Social Media Way". Although this is not a non-profit topic it is a grand experiment on using Social Media to get things done. However I have been getting a ton of feedback about needing to us a Realtor. And guess what? I agree. I am in no way a For Sale By Owner (FSBO). There are some great Realtors out there in Austin (and I know a hardcore one in Cinncinati as well) and I plan to use one. In fact I interviewed two realtors this week with a third being interviewed next week. And I do mean interview them. In fact I am asking each of the relators to go on camera and give me tips for selling my house the social media way.  Here is today’s great tip from Benn of AgentGenuis.com.

\We will see if the rest of the gang is up for the challenge. More to come.

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