David Neff and Home Selling web 2.0

David, I hear you asking about selling your house web 2.0 style. I have to say that since my wife is a Cincinnati real estate agent I have been helping her out with a lot of web 2.0 applications to build her business and help move her homes.

David, the key is to get your home in front of people looking for
homes. The number one way to make that happen is to get it into the
Multiple Listing Service where relator’s and the public and browse and
inquire about your property. You can work with a full service broker or
pay a fee to have it listed in MLS 
and forgo the professional service. I’s also hold open houses and
advertise them on Craig’s List, hold garage sales and put those on
Craig’s list (savvy buyers know a garage sale is a tell tale sign
someone is moving), and ping all of your social networks with
information. If you are involved in local online social networks get
them especially. Your biggest challenge is know what to price your home
at, and how to proceed with all of the legal bits and pieces. As we all
become more technically wired real estate agents who take 6% fees are
becoming more like insurance policies helping you protect yourself from
lawsuits, or even loosing your home because of improper research and /
or paperwork filing.

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  1. Hey Randal. I think this would of made a better comment than a post but thanks for the info!

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