2010 The Year We Make Contact

Financial Times did a special report today on the future of digital business.

How we procure software and services is about to change and by 2010 we will see a huge revolution in the way users interface with their software. Web 2.0 is the name being given to a trend that interjects fresh dynamism into the browser and makes applications available over the web in a form  that closely resembles traditional software installed on a hard drive.

As entire serves are rendered on a few chips the whole ability to add value by doing system design disappears and the view of what makes these computer companies different collapses.

This means fewer racks and boxes and seeing the death of the stand alone microprocessor by 2010 as components are reduced to systems on a single chip.You will be able to access you software from anywhere in the world on any device with a couple of bi metal swipes.


  1. “Power Could Cost More than Servers, Google Warns.” This article on CNet supports the growth direction, but points out an interesting requirement of that growth. Keep utilities in your investment egg basket. http://news.com.com/

  2. I’m banking on solar energy. It may favor the power companies as well as oil companies that have their foot in that door too.

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