The AP is running a story today about Futureme.org — a new site that lets people send emails to themselves and others years in the future (as little as three I think and thirty at most).  It’s a sort of technological time capsule and there are a host of similar "future" email sites popping up (lastwishes.org, Forbes.com ‘s email time capsule project, etc.). 

Should we start an email-based time capsule to capture our thoughts about the fight against cancer and the Society?  Something like this sure would come in handy now as we strategize about how to promote the 60th anniversary of our research program — can you imagine if we’d created a time capsule 30 years ago about this program? Something that captured the thoughts, hopes, and expectations of our researchers, volunteers, and leadership 30 years ago?

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  1. Sounds like fun. I like to take that really long view at New Years. Puts me in the mood for “where’s it all going?” and “what’s it all mean?”