SL Yellow Arrows

Yesterday I was updating my Yellow Arrow account.
Immediately after I went into Second Life and that jump inspired me to
try and set up the Yellow Arrow program within digital and virtual
worlds.  The system can support the placement of these arrows – for the
most part.  There are two key technologies that would need to be
1. A txt message system that could ping out to the cellphone carriers.  Something similar to but done properly.
An adjustment to Yellow Arrow to encourage and support Virtual World
activity.  The advantages of this type of system grow in line with the
size and growth of the physical environment.  The meta-data and user
created commentary that gets overlaid on the environment can only
enhance the overall user experience.  It could help users find new
points of interest, and provide unique perspective and commentary other
than that of the original creator. 
the moment I am in a presentation and this is a  photo of the First
yellow Arrow in a virtual world that I know of.  It needs work to look
right but  I think it may be an exciting new use of the system. As posted in Community Mobilization.