Why I love NTEN

So locally here in Austin I help run the 501 Tech Club. We meet once a meet and discuss everything from non-profit fundraising to Social Media to Linux.  And since we (apparently) have been doing such a good job we got a Holiday Bonus from the big wigs at the top.  I’m passing it on to you!

Because your group participation has grown by over 20% over the last year, and your email list has been consistently active, you and your club will receive 20% off NTEN webinars from now through February 27th.  We will be sending you webinar coupons to share with your group at your next meetings, but in case you’d like to go ahead and announce the discount to your club and start taking advantage, here is your discount information:

1. Go to http://nten.org/webinars to view NTEN webinars
2. When registering for a webinar by February 27th, enter coupon code 501TechBonus-20 in the shopping cart
3. Click “apply” and note that your 20% discount has been applied

The coupon will work for members and non-members of NTEN.

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