The NPR Bump for SharingHope.TV

Thanks to our good friend Omar we got mentioned on National Public Radio a few days ago. Head over there and drop a comment on them. In the meantime here is an excerpt of the article on online giving and sharing from non-profits:

Technology can be a powerful tool in raising money for charities and nonprofits, especially during the holidays.

Through technology, organizations can be held accountable because donors can track how their money is allocated. Nonprofits can also leverage social networks and find creative, easy ways for people to donate money physically, according to Omar Gallaga of the Austin American-Statesman.

For example, the Salvation Army has set up a system where people in Columbus, Ohio, can text the word “kettle” to the organization, and the phone carrier adds $5 to the texter’s phone bill.

From the nonprofits’ point of view, in order to convey the organization’s passion for a cause, charities like the American Cancer Society are posting peoples’ stories through photos and videos. The American Cancer Society’s site is called

In that situation, “you don’t see a huge ‘donate’ button right in front of you. Instead, you’re seeing people tell their stories — and it helps put a face on the organization,” Gallaga says.