The Year of the All-In-One Device?

infoSync World : Review: Sprint Handspring Treo 600

Could this be the year of the All-In-One Device? According to major tech reviewers it could be. Welcome to the world of the Handspring Treo 600. Although we have seen phones and PDA’s like this before, we have never really seen one that fits everything together so well, and in such a small package. In fact even the New York Times is raving about it. Handspring and Sprint have shipped over 100,000 of the devices so far. Now the big question is will it run CA-Tools 2.0? ; )

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  1. Yeah, the Treo gives me gadget envy. But there’s a danger in this. If they don’t make these devices sensible and simple people will rebel. People are already beginning to complain the instruction manuals are getting bigger than the cell phones. Now there’s a lot of crap on them poeple don’t need. It’s not too hard to lard something up with a lot of bells and whistles, but it is hard to get it to make sense.

  2. I agree with you about that Danger. That is where I think the Treo is truly revolutionary as are most Palm products. They provide the good looks of Apple Design with the Brains of IBM. Take for instance the Treo itself. Only 4 buttons control 90% of the functions on the phone. And each of those buttons is totally re-mappable to other functions. Simple and yet it works. And isn’t freedom of choice what ever person wants?

  3. Let’s hope. Good, thoughtful design shoud be rewarded.