Siebel + Google = Siebel-ster?

It turns out that Google is experimenting with social networking software. If there’s a buck to be made with massive searching, Google’s on it. But, how about if powerful relationship detecting software could be coupled with CRM databases? The article remarks:

These systems look in e-mail, instant messaging — everywhere, basically, where contact information can reside,” Preslan explained. “Then [the software] determines what the relationship is between the two contacts and maps it for further use within the company.”….
The best systems — from a business standpoint — are those that are integrated into CRM applications, Kingstone said, and not necessarily controlled at the user base.

So could social software “mine” a CRM database and discover undetected relationships that exist between constituents? Could a big search system like Google run a list of people from a Siebel database against other social networks or e-mail lists to find who knows whom?