The Growing Gaming World — New Study

Check out the new AP-AOL Games Tech Study — Poll: 4 in 10 Play Electronic Games.  This is definitely a viable medium that is replacing the hours many spend watching TV. That’s an interesting reality to accept — now imagine that if this is potentially a new "TV," we have another new media outlet in which to communicate and market our life-saving messages. 

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  1. You’re right, gaming has potential. I’ve thought for some time that fund raising and gaming have a lot in common. There are fun things people could do that would trickle into the coffers. Some creative thinking and a gaming company could do some interesting work.

  2. If the Bard lived today the quote might be all of life is but a game where everyone must play a part. Where does it start or end? It is the emerging social environment.

  3. You should be interested in this discussion: Games for Social Good

    And the hopelab’game Re-Mission

    “Re-Mission is a PC-based video game rated “T” (for Teen) and is available though also serves as an interactive, online community for teens and young adults, who are often isolated as a result of their disease. The site is designed to allow teens with cancer to connect with each other and share information. The game, which is available in English, French and Spanish, is free of charge to teens and young people living with cancer and will be available to others in May at a suggested donation of $20.”

  4. I am ready to be the American Cancer Society’s Project Manager for Video Games. I would love to work with the Video Game designers to get Cancer Information out there. Where do I apply?