Computer is personal again, says HP

This looked interesting with the slogan "The Computer is Personal Again." Says coverage in MediaDailyNews, "MTVN has signed PC maker HP as the lead advertiser for a new dating series that will be available on multiple linear networks, Web sites, broadband channels, and a wireless outlet. Called "Meet or Delete," the series focuses on college students as they decide whether to date people (or connect for another reason such as forming a band) after a thorough exploration of their computer hard drives, including e-mail in-boxes, music playlists, pictures, IMs sent, and recently visited Web sites. HP will use the sponsorship as a cornerstone of its new global The Computer is Personal Again campaign, which seeks to advance the message that ‘the personal computer is not just a commodity, but a digital extension of each individual user.’"

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  1. Here we are again with that word: “personal.” People need their information, contacts, communications aggregated. They need a good go-between between what’s on their PC and what’s on the web. I was just thinking this morning that my computer is dumb as a rock, and I spend a lot of my time trying to find the stuff it has that I need, but to which it’s oblivious. I think Google and other so-called “search” companies are moving toward some better integration of all the infomation we’re juggling. HP and Microsoft don’t seem the likely sources of breakthroughs in integrating all our stuff so infomation is “personal.”

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