SXSW Interactive

Wow whatever you guys did at the NVHA meeting has really fired up my staff here in Texas. The most innovative idea so far is to start a Society Blog for new staff. The idea is to give 5 first year staff a Blog for the first year and let them express their thoughts and feelings as they work through there first year at ACS. Sounds cool to me. I will let this group know when that’s up and running.

Also as many of you know next week is South by Southwest. Or SXSW as we call it. This is the premiere Film/Music and Interactive Festival in the Nation. Go check it out at Hopefully Randy Moss and I can Blog live from the event for everyone here next week. In the meantime check out what they are doing to get the schedule in people’s hands. Besides the oh-so-last-year PDA scheduler and an ipod schedule they are offering all the Band’s preview music on BitTorrent. Go check out the 2.6GB download!

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  1. SXSW

    David Neff and I are heading to South by Southwest to take in some very badly needed innovative culture at the Interactive events.

  2. Yeah, Dave you shouldda been there. As you can see we’ve also taken FISpace out from under its rock. Links, TrackBacks…the works.

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