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For all of you who love the Siebel system, I just knew you’d want to keep up on the latest about the company. Seems the company’s stock is down 93% (ouch!)

“The fundamental issue for Siebel has always been the culture more than its products,” Mr. Greenberg said. “There was this shark sales culture where you were encouraged to do anything to get the deal and in a sense the hell with the customer. But all my sources inside Siebel tell me that nothing is sacred these days.”

So they’re trying a new tack–CRM. Better relationships. Imagine that!

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  1. In all seriousness: are there truly people (at ACS or elsewhere) who LOVE the Siebel system? i haven’t met any.

    i am looking into how i can rename my bookmarks in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Right now they’re called “Favorites”, but Siebel belongs in my “Least Favorites.”

  2. When it comes to CRM matters I wouldn’t blame Siebel entirely. With CRM in ACS, I think the phrase “unclear on the concept” applies.

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