See Dick run

(No, this isn’t a joke about the PR woes of VP Cheney and his hunting accident.)

Maybe Team ACS could use this Google map, GPS mashup.


  1. I’d like to see someone work on a virtual marathon using Google maps. Teams would “run” a course mapped out in their community on a Google map. Their progress would correspond to the dollars they collect as a team. The progress would be posted on the map in as near real-time as possible. The “winner” would be the team that got the farthest in a fixed amount of time.

  2. This would be excellent for Team ACS…most other team programs offer participants “extras” like this (usually just training tips if not training sessions) so this would be an easy thing to provide…if we pursued it and if – the BIG if – Google said “yes.”

  3. As I understand it the application interface with Google maps is open. That means, if you know how to do some Java, XML work you can map your own data to their maps. What’s needed is the right geek.

    I think this has possibilities for all running events. Maps have that “community” identity. “Hey, that’s my town.” “Hey, there’s my house!”

    If you could map the position of runners in near-real-time, you could get people to participate by watching and maybe even donating from their armchairs. Maybe someday even put cell phones in the mix.