Now if they could only do that with roses

Today it is reported that all the requests for email Valentines yesterday crashed the web sites of several companies that now have that as part of their greeting card business.

"I think because people are e-mailing so much, they’re connected to a
lot more people than they were 10 years ago," said Valerie Cooper,
executive vice president of the association. "The fact that e-card
sites are crashing, it’s not a reflection of people not giving paper

I think it’s uncanny the degree to which this statement parallels the findings of the Pew study a couple weeks ago about "The Strength of Internet Ties."

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  1. Live Journal borrowed an idea from Hot or Not and offered e flowers, balloons and boxes of chocolate for purchase for giving for Valentines Day. I am looking at how we could use this idea for ACS as we have a nice amount of ACS identified symbols.